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Portrait of TWO occupants together in ONE painting.


All portraits are hand painted in premium oil paint on canvas and come stretched and ready to hang.


A successful portrait is not just a copy of what the subject looks like, but it is also a lasting reflection of the subject's character and personality (whether human or animal). An oil painting can last for hundreds of years, so when you commission an oil painting you really are getting a durable lasting reflection of the subject for years to come.


In my portraits I learn as much as I can about the subject so that the portrait can show not just how what they look like but also a deeper imprint of his/her character. I ask for a minimum of 2 photos to get a good idea of what they look like and see something of their expressions and character. Once I have a great photo to use for reference I can complete the painting in 2-6 weeks depending on my current commission queue, please message me if you have a set deadline.


All of my portraits are done with premium quality oil paint on canvas and signed front and back. I am happy to add a message, date or name on the back as well. 

Once you make your purchase I need certain information about your subject and how you would like your painting. 


Here is what I need to know to begin: 
1. Photos (2-4 of each occupant)
2. Colors (background and overall preferences)
3. Orientation (horizontal or vertical - though horizontal almost always works better for double portraits)
4. Special notes and requests
5. Subjects name and notes on personality

Please send this information to along with any questions.


*This listing is for a double portrait - a painting of TWO occupants. You can choose between a regular canvas (.75 inches deep) that will more easily fit in a standard frame or a thick canvas (1.5 inches deep) with its sides painted which looks nice without a frame. All paintings come stretched on canvas bars.

DOUBLE Portrait, 2 occupants on ONE canvas

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